Ripple Effect

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-Yasmin Cline The impact of child sponsorship goes beyond just the child who receives food and medical care through monthly giving. Its effect can ripple through the family, the homestead and the community. Throughout the week, our team has been beyond blessed to be able to visit the homes of our sponsor children. We had the opportunity to see, hear and experience another aspect of the lives our children live. At Mzwakhe’s homestead (and his brother, Xolo, who has a different sponsor),...

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Pumping Water

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-Harvey Cline I enjoy a good workout. Workouts normally feel pretty good. It’s also good for you. You burn calories, relieve stress, build strength, and improve aerobic fitness. Anytime I am able to get a workout while performing a useful task is even better.  Things like yard work or helping someone move come to mind.  This week, at the Care Point, we have had the privilege of performing some very useful work. We were able to pump water from the well at our Care Point. The water that we...

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What do we really need?

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-Joey Mutnansky Seel Today, we visited the homestead of my sponsor child, Tengetile and her sister Noncedo, the child of another couple on our team. She lives with her gogo (grandmother) and 6 additional children under her care. There’s no warmth between the family members. It is a distant, static relationship—not warm and loving. It would be easy to give them money—but we can’t. Money is temporary, when we need sustainability. We need men who stand up to defend, and provide for their families...

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It Is Worth It

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-Joey Mutnansky While in Swaziland this summer I had a unique opportunity to visit the home of Tengetile, my sponsored child. The way to Tengetile’s homestead lead us down a path and through a barbed wire fence. As we approached we saw a gogo (grandmother) perched on a worn fleece blanket on the ground. Through Musa, our driver and translator, it was discovered that the gogo was Tengetile’s biological grandmother, and much to our surprise, Khetokuhle (my parents’ totally unrelated...

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Swaziland: Big Surprise for Lee

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Sunday morning Lee got a big surprise when Pastor Sam asked him to give the message at church. He did and spoke words only the Holy Spirit could place on his heart on the spot like that. Joey also played a song on guitar for everyone. It was a very special service for all. We’ve been off the grid for a couple of days, but our team is now back in the city of Mbabane starting the voyage home. We had to say goodbye to our beloved care point on Sunday after church and there were lots of...

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Swaziland: More of the Story in Pictures

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This was no ordinary cookout. It was a South African “braai” barbecue. Take a look at that grill. We were happy to share it with others! Typical homesteads of today’s care points and their view of sugar cane all around. Every care point benefited from all the soccer ball donations! These care points can seem like an oasis among all the poverty, sin and darkness in the communities that surround...

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