There’s Singing at Red Sands!

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The Dallas Christian College Choir stopped by to surprise the kids at Red Sands Christian School! Brian, Lifeline’s Navajo Administrator, writes, “Dave Sprinkle brought the choir by and they sang and performed for the kids at Red Sands. It was so powerful. It brought many of the kids to tears of joy as they sang. What a way to praise God! Thank you DCC!”   CP’s own Dawn Springer, teacher at the Red Sands School, was just home for a visit. It was great to see Dawn...

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Global News

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As we think about this past year, take time to be thankful for our global partners who have: Been using the Bible translations they completed last year in Magahi (India) and Maco (Venezuela). Built community relationships in Guatemala through water filters and stoves brought by Connection Pointe teams. All children sponsored at the centers in Los Verdes, Guatemala and Njojane, Swaziland. Witnessed explosive numerical growth in Indochina and India through disciple-making movements. Learned the...

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When Education is not Free

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For Americans, a high school education is a free gift that is often taken for granted. We seldom realize that for many others in the world this is a luxury, one they cannot afford. In Kenya, the government will pay for primary school but not secondary school, which is similar to our high school education. Secondary school is very expensive for the average Kenyan and those who can afford some tuition usually educate only the boys of the family. Living in Kenya are the Maasai, a tribe that has...

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Partnership: Making a Difference in a Difficult Place

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-Chuck Rapp Victor John (see pic below), Founder and President of ASSI, and Prakash James, Director of ASSI Delhi Ministries, visited the US during March and spent three days in the Indianapolis area. This included meetings with two Indy-based missions organizations, an evening of teaching and fellowship with CPCC mentors and home group leaders, and other gatherings. With tears in his eyes, Victor told us, “Your partnership with us is very special.” As was the custom of the Apostle...

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A History of Answered Prayer

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-Randee Heath “The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.” –Samuel Zwemer Since the days of Paul, the request of prayer for people hearing the truth of the gospel has remained the same. In his letters while he was traveling, Paul earnestly requested prayer, suggesting “we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places”...

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Because of you, they now have water…

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In an area of extreme drought, there is now a well! Our partner in Kenya, John Keshe, works hard to provide safe water. As a result of John’s hard work and the partnership with CMF and Connection Pointe, everyone from Ewaso Ngiro is now getting water at this shallow well. People are at this well throughout the night coming from as far away as 10 miles–something most of us can hardly fathom. Join us in celebrating what God is doing in the lives of these special people! For more...

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