Navajo – Arizona

There’s Singing at Red Sands!

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Navajo - Arizona, Partners | 0 comments

The Dallas Christian College Choir stopped by to surprise the kids at Red Sands Christian School! Brian, Lifeline’s Navajo Administrator, writes, “Dave Sprinkle brought the choir by and they sang and performed for the kids at Red Sands. It was so powerful. It brought many of the kids to tears of joy as they sang. What a way to praise God! Thank you DCC!”   CP’s own Dawn Springer, teacher at the Red Sands School, was just home for a visit. It was great to see Dawn...

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Time to return home

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Our last day at the Navajo Mission brought a mix of emotions. We definitely saw tremendous progress from the time we arrived, but there is still a significant amount of work that remains for other groups. In addition to finishing up our projects on the last day, several members of our group had the opportunity to go out and minister to over 2 dozen homeless in Winslow. This is a ministry that Dawn Springer (missionary from our church that has taught here for over 20 years) runs and it included...

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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

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I was not aware that it was Dr.Seuss’s birthday, but we were invited to read his books today in Miss Springer’s class. This was a great event opportunity and the K-2nd graders enjoyed every minute of it. In addition to this, the team made a lot of progress on our projects and we should be in a very good position with these when we leave after lunch tomorrow. One of the neatest parts of every trip is the opportunity to spend time together around the campfire. It’s a neat time...

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Gone with the wind

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Today brought with it 50 mile per hour winds throughout the better part of the day. Arizona weather has been interesting. When we flew into Phoenix it was 70, we then drove through Flagsgaff where there was 5 inches of snow, and we arrived at Winslow there was lots of wind. All that said, the weather hasn’t kept us from accomplishing our work. Today was another very productive day and lots of work was completed including more electrical, drywalling the new bathrooms, replacing a bus...

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Warning: Construction Zone

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Day number two has been tedious, but fruitful. We have had numerous projects going including: installing 3 new bathrooms, many electrical projects, new sewer and water lines installed, and new vents for the school bathrooms. Fortunately, God has blessed us with a very gifted team of carpenters, electricians, and construction workers to accomplish these very skilled tasks. With all the work has brought with it over four trips to the local hardware store (over 20 minutes away), which has been my...

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The Adventure Begins

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This morning was an early wakeup call as we departed the church at 4 am. All 9 guys and our driver made it to the airport. After a 4 hour plane ride to Phoenix and a 3 hour van ride to Winslow, we arrived at the Navajo Trails mission for lunch. We had a great afternoon of getting to know our hosts and learning more about the work they do. Additionally, we got a good start on the many different construction projects that we will be helping them out with. We will do our best this week to provide...

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