Child Sponsorship


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-Jeff Lovell, Global Impact Team   Every CPCC travel team prepares and plans for their short-term mission trips.  However, the only sure thing about any trip agenda is that there will be surprises!  One 24-hour period in Guatemala was full of them. Birthday surprise Our partners generously hosted us at Rut’s home for dinner mid-week.  As our partnership has matured into its fifth year, our teams have developed strong relationships with our partners.  After our meal, Josue sneaked in...

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And then today happened …

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-Cassie Perez, Team Leader   This is my third trip to Guatemala. The poverty, the plights of the families, it no longer shocks me like it did on previous trips. During our evening devotional yesterday, I shared that I had been feeling less affected this trip, that perhaps I was becoming too comfortable on these trips, becoming numb. And then today happened. Today, our team was to work on installing stoves in family homes and assist with the kindergarten graduation festivities. Our team...

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Guatemala Team Off to a Good Start

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Day 1 of VBS and Sports Camp in Los Verdes, Guatemala Today was our first day to really interact with the children at the learning center in Los Verdes.  In the morning, the younger children (pre-school age) piled out of the school bus or walked along the road up a steep hill to the learning center. As they came past the gate, they flooded towards us for big hugs. They know their friends from Indiana bring fun and excitement and they usually can’t wait to see us. Today’s morning VBS was a hit....

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How Our Partnership Makes a Difference

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-Mackenzie Vondersaar I have studied Spanish for six years, for this I was asked to lead Bible lessons during VBS in Guatemala. However, when I realized the topic was the creation of The Church in Antioch (Acts 11: 19-30), I was a little disappointed. No Daniel or Jonah stories? I quickly found I had an amazing example of partnership to share. I was able to share that the leaders at The Learning Center and at Connection Pointe demonstrate a united front for Christ with physical separations.  I...

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Ripple Effect

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-Yasmin Cline The impact of child sponsorship goes beyond just the child who receives food and medical care through monthly giving. Its effect can ripple through the family, the homestead and the community. Throughout the week, our team has been beyond blessed to be able to visit the homes of our sponsor children. We had the opportunity to see, hear and experience another aspect of the lives our children live. At Mzwakhe’s homestead (and his brother, Xolo, who has a different sponsor),...

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What do we really need?

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-Joey Mutnansky Seel Today, we visited the homestead of my sponsor child, Tengetile and her sister Noncedo, the child of another couple on our team. She lives with her gogo (grandmother) and 6 additional children under her care. There’s no warmth between the family members. It is a distant, static relationship—not warm and loving. It would be easy to give them money—but we can’t. Money is temporary, when we need sustainability. We need men who stand up to defend, and provide for their families...

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