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Last month I passed the two-year mark of serving on Connection Pointe staff. I am now at a place of understanding our church and its global work that I can write a weekly post to challenge and inform. Encourage your friends and family to subscribe to this page to keep updated.

I returned from Kenya last week as part of a team led by Kelsey Stuckwisch. Teacher training and presentation of the Path of a Peacemaker were our achieved purposes. We also spent a lot of time with our partners Giles and Allison Emery, who are doing very well in their ministry with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi. Giles oversees IT for all the schools, Allison oversees a team for communicating the work to donors. Having served nearly two years now, they will return to the USA in Nov/Dec for a break. We will host them for an evening here at church, and you are welcome to come. Details coming soon.

The third Guatemala team of 2016 returned from an impactful week with the children and staff at Los Verdes. Jay and Cassie Perez led this team. You can read their recent blog posts here.

Next week our last two teams of the year will travel internationally. A vision trip will be led by Mark Kleis to Panama Nov 1-5, meeting up with our ministry partner Jose Rodriguez. This team of 5 people goes to learn more of the urban and rural work overseen by Jose and Lifeline Christian Mission. Our ongoing engagement there as a church will be developed from this trip, so please be in prayer for this vision team of Mark, Tony, Tony, Jesse and Christian.

Nov 5 Buddy and Bessie Faulkner will lead a pastoral care team to India to bring spiritual nourishment and encouragement to Victor John and the leadership staff of ASSI. Pray for their stamina and health after a very long journey there. Pray for ASSI hearts to be strengthened and relationships with our team to be formed. Building relationships is one of the strongest forms of pastoral care in this culture, so pray for friendships to form and deepen.

Though our trips are nearly over for 2016, our ministry partners continue in daily ministry. Remember to pray for them, listed here.


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Don Dyck leading the Path of the Peacemaker…

Celebrating teacher training completion…


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