Capacity has a new meaning!

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Update from Chuck Rapp…


We have reached Ambilobe. So, about that four hour ride over bumpy roads? Seemed like it was more like 6 hours over continuously BUMPY roads! Here are a couple of photos of our ride. Somewhere in that pile are three pieces of our luggage. Top capacity today (I say “top” as I don’t think there’s any maximum) was 19 adults and 4 children!



Shawn (son-in-law) is here to greet us and make the rest of the journey with us. It’s impressive to see him carry on fluent conversations in Malagasy.

Tomorrow morning it’s a 2:00 am departure for a 2+ hour drive to the port city. Next is our long awaited boat ride out to Nosy Mitsio where we will hug on Angie and the kids!


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  1. Victor John

    Have a safe and meaningful time with your loved ones. Will be praying for you.

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