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1+1 Update

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Dan Crum, Global Impact Director After only two weekends of launching the 1+1 child sponsorship ministry initiative, the number of children sponsored in Kenya, Guatemala and Swaziland has grown from 385 to 570. Well done, Church! Our goal remains 1000, to equal the number of children who come to Kid City on the weekend. If you sponsor a child outside the three partnering organizations of Connection Pointe, please let Teresa Byington know. Every child counts, and these children will be included...

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When Education is not Free

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For Americans, a high school education is a free gift that is often taken for granted. We seldom realize that for many others in the world this is a luxury, one they cannot afford. In Kenya, the government will pay for primary school but not secondary school, which is similar to our high school education. Secondary school is very expensive for the average Kenyan and those who can afford some tuition usually educate only the boys of the family. Living in Kenya are the Maasai, a tribe that has...

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It Is Worth It

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-Joey Mutnansky While in Swaziland this summer I had a unique opportunity to visit the home of Tengetile, my sponsored child. The way to Tengetile’s homestead lead us down a path and through a barbed wire fence. As we approached we saw a gogo (grandmother) perched on a worn fleece blanket on the ground. Through Musa, our driver and translator, it was discovered that the gogo was Tengetile’s biological grandmother, and much to our surprise, Khetokuhle (my parents’ totally unrelated...

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