Posts made in June, 2015

A Wonderful and Humbling Experience

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-Jake Sharp Getting to spend some time on the ground at the care point in Njojane has been a wonderful and humbling experience. My family has sponsored a child in this community for about 3 years now and it is definitely hard to feel connected to your sponsor child when they live so far away and when you have never met. Well yesterday I was able to meet our sponsored child for the first time and it was quite a moving experience. When we first met, one of the caretakers translated and told her...

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Swaziland: We Are Here

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After spending several days of traveling and preparing, today (Wednesday) was our first day at the care point in Njojane.  What used to take up to almost an hour once leaving the paved roads, has been shortened to about 15 minutes.  Continued progress on a new highway will literally bring pavement to within a mile of the care point by next summer!  All of Njojane and the surrounding areas are very excited that the highway and a new airport have opened bringing...

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