New School Year Starts in Guatemala

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Great things are happening in Guatemala! Here are a few updates from our La Comunidad project site.

The first day of 2014 classes start today, January 16th. The teachers and community are excited for the new school year!

On Monday, VisionTrust Guatemala held a teacher training for the project site teachers.
– They had a Christian Counselor teach them about the importance of managing their emotions and emotional health.
– A literature graduate and children’s book author taught on reading to and involving children at their reading levels. She also taught on how to engage young readers so they want to read on their own.
– La Comunidad teacher, Andrea, taught on how to improve their morning meeting time with the children at the beginning of each section. Andrea will also receive her BA in Elementary Education this Spring!

We ask that you keep the teachers and the children in your prayers. Between the CPCC project site and one other, they have over 100 new children this year!



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