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One of the great treats of this trip were the many words of wisdom from Prakash who served as our primary host.  The following is a collection of our favorites.  Don’t rush thru them; spend some time pondering his insights.   Then – as Prakash would be quick to add – be diligent to obey anything the  Holy Spirit may speak to you thru them. 

  • Do what He says (obedience).  Say what He does (testimony).
  • Don’t build walls; build relationships
  • Church is not about “come ” but “come and go”. 
  • The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith.  The beginning of faith is the end of anxiety. 
  • In order to reach out to multitudes you need to focus on a few. 
  • Before you move the mountain, first move the small rock. 
  • When commitment is fresh, passion is contagious.
  • Two mistakes we make are that we over-estimate our ability to grow and underestimate the ability of the Holy Spirit to equip believers to do the work.
  • You can negotiate with a terrorist but you can never negotiate with a traditionalist. 
  • I am out of control but in submission to the Holy Spirit. 
  • Two keys to discipleship are the attitude and character of the disciple.
  • A disciple has to graduate.  (To become a disciple maker, then a  leader of disciple makers.)
  • We can’t know who we are until we know Whose we are. 
  • God did not call us to be successful.  He calls us to be faithful, fruitful and finishers. 
  • Control limits but influence grows. 
  • There’s a big difference between letting people try and fail and letting them become a failure. 
  • Discipleship is a life long process.  It’s not an event or a program. 
  • Your personal testimony is more important than any theological study. 
  • A disciple should look like Jesus and not like me. 

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  1. Sue Farmer

    Thank you for words imparted. Will print them and ponder over them often. Be Blessed for your service

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