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Camp Is Over…

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Our English camp ended yesterday. We were sad to say goodbye to the staff, university students, and campers we had gotten to know oh so well over the last week to week in a half. On Friday, we did have what is called Decision day with our campers. Each of the tutors met with the campers in their group to see what they thought about a life with Christ. We had 12 to 13 campers accept Christ for the first time. We had a few campers that wanted to reaffirm their faith in Christ and grow deeper in...

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Welcome Campers!

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Yesterday, there was great enthusiasm and excitement all day as we waited for the campers to arrive.  A total of 26 students were welcomed last night by our whole team in a great celebration.  For the first time, we were introduced to our tutor groups.  It was indeed a positive experience.  Many of our students are high school students, and some are at the university. Today, we spent significant time in our tutor groups getting to know our students more.  Our tutor times consist of practicing...

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Zdravo, So many awesome things are going on in Macedonia! The movement to reach young people for Christ seems to be growing and growing! It is awesome to talk to these young students and hear there passion for Christ! We have been having worship every morning and to hear these students sing praise songs is awesome! To hear them sing the same songs we sing in Macedonian is even better! I can’t wait for the non-believing students to get here on Sunday, so we can get to know them and...

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We Finally Made It!

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We made it finally to Macedonia late last night. The drive from Greece to Macedonia was about 3 hours, but it was so pretty…even at night. The whole team caught up on sleep last night as we didn’t wake up until noon today. Our day is pretty laid back today. We met up the missionary, his family, and a few tutors for the camp. We are going out for a nicer dinner tonight and maybe do some walking around if we have time. Tomorrow morning, Macedonian time, we are getting on a bus to go...

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Macedonia Team Travel Update

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The Macedonia team has had a little hiccup in their travel plans! When they got to the airport in Indy they found out that some of their tickets had been cancelled out of the system. They made to Boston, but have to spend the night and will fly out tomorrow! The good news is that they were all able to stay together and are on the same flight tomorrow. The even better news is that they have all of their luggage with them! Pray for smooth travel as they restart their trip tomorrow! Jeremiah...

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