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Poverty Isn’t Physical

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Take a minute and ask yourself the question? What is poverty? Did you do it? I’m going to guess your answer goes something like this, “Lack of basic needs like clothing, food, water, and shelter.” Almost every American would answer exactly the same. When we see poverty we see the material side of it. The lack of clean water and food are what shock us. But, what if we ask the poor the question, “What is poverty?”. The poor have been asked before and their answer may surprise you. The poor...

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Send a gift to our kids in Swazi!

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This June we will be taking team of 9 people to Swaziland! As part of our trip our goal is to bring a small gift to every child at our Care Pointe. About 150 of these children already have sponsors so we need 75 additonal gifts for the kids who don’t have a sponsor yet! Here’s how you can be involved…. Get a quart size zip lock bag (no bigger please!) Add your gifts (some ideas are a ball, toy, stickers, small puzzle, slinkie, candy, hair clips, yo-yo, or kazoo) Drop it off at the...

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Coffee with a mission!

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 If you haven’t been to the Coffee Company lately, you will want to check it out this weekend! You’ll notice that it has a new look and a new mission! From now on, 20% of every purchase at the Coffee Co. will help support a global project with one of our strategic partners. Each quarter we will change the project and window panes so you will know where part of your purchase is going. The more coffee you drink, the more people we can help! Sounds like a great deal to me! This...

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An Early Face of Friday

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Meet Char and Mitch…. I was going to feature them on Friday, but they need some prayer now so I decided not to wait! Mitch and Char are missionaires in Swaziland and have played a key part in getting our parntership there. About six weeks ago Mitch went into the hospital with stomach pain. During what was supposed to be a routine appendectomy they found a large tumor in his stomach (which was tested and is benign). They ended up removing around six inches of his colon in order to take...

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