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Face of Friday

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  Meet Josh, Mariela and Rut…. A few weeks ago we had the privilege of meeting these three on a vision trip to Guatemala. Together they lead a ministry to help children in Guatemala escape the cycle of poverty. Have you ever met people you instantly admired? Confession time…this does not happen with me very often. The people who I look up to are usually people with whom it takes me a while to build a relationship. Only after a fairly significant time has passed do I add them to my...

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4 Simple Things Your Sponosred Child Needs to Hear

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During our letter writing party we talked a lot about what our sponsored children need to hear. We watched videos of children (now adults) who had been through a sponsorship program. The number one thing that sponsors took away was that their letters mattered to kids. The kids know their sponsors by name and listen to what they say in their letters. If you don’t know where you start here are four things you could say to your sponsored child today! That you love them and that God has big...

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If Jesus had been Maasai

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This guest post is by Dan Crum. Dan & Connie have served among the Maasai in Kenya for over 20 years.             If Jesus had been Maasai, he would have been a shepherd and not a carpenter.  He would have traveled to Loita to confront the witch-doctors, not Jerusalem to confront the Pharisees.  He would have told parables about different cuts of meat, not different kinds of soil.  He would have crossed tribes to eat with Kikuyu, not Samaritans.  He would have returned cattle to the owner...

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Sponsor a child in Nairobi, Kenya? Connect with them!

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If you sponsor a child in Nairobi, Kenya through The Hope Partnership and CMF you won’t want to miss out on this on this event! On March 20th we’ll be having a Letter Writing Party. During this party we’ll spend time hearing from Lynn who works with our children in Nairobi. We’ll also take time to let you know what to talk about when you write your child and what you can and cannot send them. You’ll get the chance to hear from people who have been to Nairobi and seen how our school is changing...

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Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

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This blog is reposted from some of the missionaries working closely with our Care Pointe in Njojane, Swaziland  Last night, Steph and I were doing dishes together after a long day. I love that we have the time to debrief — we go separate ways all day, but catching each other up in the evening helps keep us connected in our different areas in ministry. Lately, he spends usually two days a week out at Njojane, one of our newest CarePoints. Through partnership with a stateside church,...

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