The Adventure Begins

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This morning was an early wakeup call as we departed the church at 4 am. All 9 guys and our driver made it to the airport. After a 4 hour plane ride to Phoenix and a 3 hour van ride to Winslow, we arrived at the Navajo Trails mission for lunch. We had a great afternoon of getting to know our hosts and learning more about the work they do. Additionally, we got a good start on the many different construction projects that we will be helping them out with. We will do our best this week to provide daily updates via this blog. Also, if you want to learn more about the work of the mission I have included, click here Navajo Trails





Pic #1: Red Sands Christian Church
Pic #2: Our sleeping accommodations (hogans)
Pic #3: 1 of 2 bathrooms we are replacing this week
Pic #4: After we took out the bathrooms
…lots of other projects are ongoing

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